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Longterm experience and tradition

The General Manager of the company, Nerzad Paric has over 25 years experience in sales, more specifically raw hides export. He started his career in a family company and 20 years ago decided to open his own hide export and trading company which became a leader on the domestic and international market for reasons of quality of goods and service and the company became a brand offering the best quality goods and loyal international clients.


We work with clients who process and produce leather out of best quality hides for various industries ranging from automotive to luxury, shoes and upholstery sector in the European Union.

Our aim is to further develop and start exporting our excellent quality hide to the Asian market in the nearest future and we are interested in getting in contact with clients and agents working on those markets in hide industry.

We also possess the Certificate for gelatine and collagen production out of hides.

Bukovačka cesta 107/a, 10 000 Zagreb | Tel: +385 1 23 65 748 | fax: +385 1 23 65 750 | E-mail: | GSM: +385 98 27 72 72 | Storehouse - Sesvete 10 360, Savska cesta 2c | Tel: +385 1 20 13 895 | fax: +385 1 20 13 896

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